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After my self-portrait session in March 2020, this idea of photographing individuals’ stories while recording our conversations began to slowly percolate as something I must do.

I didn’t know exactly who, how, or where, but I knew it would come together just as it should, in it’s own perfect timing. When trying to explain it to a few friends, I could tell the vision in my head wasn’t translating well yet. I needed time to better verbalize a feeling I hadn’t quite been able to communicate.

A combination of images full of feeling and expression, a soul capture, paired with the unique sound of their individual voices, sharing their sacred stories.

My grand vision for this project would be in an art gallery somewhere. I can already picture it. Let me paint it for you.

You enter a cavernous room full of white walls and concrete floors, and familiar scents like the desert after a deep cleansing rain mixed with burning sage and holy wood open your senses for grounding.

You are then directed by friendly, loving faces to pick up a set of headphones at a nearby station as you embark on your journey.

Following your own inner guide, you approach a set of three portraits of a specific individual, and your ears are filled with the words of their story with the vibration, frequency, and tone of their unique voice.

From here you have the option to dive in further with them, by continuing the audio experience and listening to the full recording of the session in its entirety, completely unedited and unfiltered.

When you feel as though your visit with each individual story is complete, you pause, thank it, and move forward to the next story, and repeat.

It is my goal to share and show that we can find a connection point in all our stories, and yet, our stories made us uniquely who we are individually.

We are the common threads of a great tapestry, 

divinely being woven together,

to serve as a reminder

that we are never alone 

on this journey of remembering

we all come from Love.

Added to this writing above, in the audio portion I have included voice memos I recorded the eve of the project officially starting on 11/11/2020 in NYC, and another in June of 2021 before leaving to photograph more sacred stories in Austin.

As always, thank you for being here.

I hope you’ll take a listen.