sacred portraits Madison luikens midland texas photographer


Let’s tell your sacred story together. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like.

Questions to consider asking yourself: What makes my story mine? How can my story help others to know they aren’t alone? How would you like to be seen? What would you like to experience? I’d love to hold space for you.

Due to a recent medical diagnosis, Madison is not currently photographing new Sacred Portraits. However, if you are a photographer who wants to contribute a sacred story you’ve captured in a similar format, whether it be yours or a subject you connected with, we’d love to hold space for your stories here.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY: email your audio file and 10 images with a brief synopsis of your story to [email protected]. We will notify you when your story goes live on SP.Thank you for believing in our vision of sharing sacred stories of the human experience as a way to see we are all connected in LOVE.

xo M